Client Name: Ken and Elaine Abrams
Patient Name: Tasha

Brief History of Pet:

We wanted another dog. Then we got a chance to visit a dog show as they were setting it up. There were 2 Black Russian Terriers at the show and Elaine fell in love.  Ken wanted a Rottie, and Elaine wanted a Black Russian, The breeders warned us that if we got one of their breed, we’d never go to the bathroom alone again! This breed (Black Russian Terrier) was bred to be clingy, so we got a Black Russian.

Clark 1
“Tasha has been my patient for a while, and I always look forward to her visits. She has always been a gentle giant with the sweetest disposition with impeccable manners. At 12 years old she still has some pep in her step, especially if her owners’ custom trail mix treats are involved. Tasha spends her days strolling through the riverwalk with her rottweiler sister, Mouse together they are always ready for fun.”
Kat Holich

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She’s getting older, and a 12 year old 110 lb. dog. Tasha has some lower back issues that weakened her back legs making it difficult to get up and take longer walks.

Favorite Motivator

Her own custom made recipie trail mix

“Tasha came to us about a year ago to see if we could improve her mobility.  With a multimodal approach that includes acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage, and therapeutic laser, Tasha at 13 years old, continues to go for walks and enjoy time with her family.  She is a favorite of VSMR…way to go Tasha!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

How VSMR has helped Tasha:

We saw a marked improvement after the first set of treatments.  They have also been willing to discuss anything (medication, treatment) we may have heard about.  And … they are honest if they don’t believe it will help in your case.

Additional Information

She is always watching what’s going on around us and, as one of our neighbors told us, she’s big enough that no one ever messes with us.  But if you are sweet to her, she is totally sweet to you.  Kids do anything to her (pull on her half-tail, ears, etc.) and she seems to understand that they are children and just tolerates it. We highly recommend VSM to anyone we meet who is having difficulties with their dog’s mobility.  They also helped with incontinence issues which made our lives significantly more pleasant.

Non-Profit Organization

Black Russian Terrier Association

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