Client Name: Shelly and Marvin
Patient Name: Josephine Bone-A-Part
“Josephine is one of our long time patients and one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She came to us in 2018 after knee surgery and we’ve helped manage her osteoarthritis ever since with acupuncture, hydrotherapy, intra-articular injections, and much more. She continues to do well, and she greatly enjoys her winters in Florida. Josephine is a great example of the benefits of managing osteoarthritis to maintain mobility. ”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

Josie came into our lives in April 2015. Josie has been a special and wonderful member of our family from the day she came home. She was super sweet and friendly with all people and pets – becoming best friends with her “cousins” (our daughter’s dogs) a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog.


She suffered from a Cruciate Ligament Rupture- and had TPLO surgery. Post-surgery Josie has battled osteoarthritis in that leg. She was recommended to VSMR by both her surgeon at VCA Aurora and by Dr. Mellissa Trupia, a Holistic Vet who was doing acupuncture, laser and massage therapy in our home. Three years after the rupture on her left leg she ruptured her right leg and had TPLO surgery. The right leg has healed with no issues.

Favorite Motivator

Love and Attention

How VSMR has helped

VSMR has lovingly provided Josie with a water treadmill, laser therapy and massage regiment along with exercises and medical expertise that have proven to be invaluable in her care. She can take her daily walks with greater mobility and less pain.

“I have worked with Josephine since she has been coming to see us and I love when I see her on my schedule. She is a gentle soul who never complains and always cooperates for her treatments. She has a great attitude when it comes to her therapy which is why she does so well and is a joy to work with”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

Jose took to obedience training like a pro and at 16 months became a certified Therapy Dog at Edward Hospital in Naperville. She was an instant hit with patients, doctors, nurses, and staff alike. She loved going to the hospital Josie worked at least twice a month until she injured her left rear leg.

Non-Profit Organization

I support the Animal Assisted Therapy program in Naperville through the Edward Hospital Foundation.