Client Name: Carmen & Dina Addis
Patient Name: Miloh

Brief History of Pet

We adopted Miloh on August 20, 2014, from TLC because we were ready to open our home to another dog. He is your typical lovable hound and loves to cuddle on the couch when he is not accompanying his dad on hunting trips in the woods.

“Miloh is a sweetheart of a dog!  He came to us after a spinal cord injury that led to surgery and postoperative paralysis.  With the hard work and dedication of his owners and the VSMR team, Miloh is now walking independently and ready to get back to his activity level prior to his injury. With the combination of manual therapy, hydrotherapy, therapeutic laser, and therapeutic exercises, Miloh made an extraordinary recovery. Way to go, Miloh!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke, Veterinarian


Miloh slipped a disk at L2-L3 that required two surgeries. At his heaviest, he weighed 98 pounds, and we put him on a diet.  At the time of his injury, he weighed 84 pounds.  Due to the surgeries and therapy and diet changes/exercises, he is currently 59 pounds.  Dr. Cochran and his staff at VCA Aurora Vet Clinic performed the surgeries and saved his life.  It was a 50-80% chance he would ever walk or run again after his surgeries.  Through our hard work and support from the family and the staff at VSMRHG, Miloh has just about fully recovered.  He now has a slight “swagger” when he starts to run that should recover in the following months, lol.

Favorite Motivator

Miloh absolutely loves peanut butter to get him excited and ready to work during his sessions.

How VSMR has helped Miloh

Their care and support and professionalism was outstanding.  They worked with us at every step to make sure we knew what to work on at home. We loved working with Carla.

“Watching Miloh progress from week to week was incredible. His owners were extremely dedicated to his treatment plan and worked with him every day in order to accomplish his treatment goals. My favorite part of our therapy sessions was watching how each week we would hit another milestone. Whether it was walking in the underwater treadmill or working on his strength and balance in the gym, Miloh was ready and willing to work as long as there was peanut butter involved.”
Carla Ortega, Rehabilitation Technician

Non-Profit Organization

At VSMR, we ask the owners of our Patient of the Month to choose a non-profit to be featured and donated to. Miloh’s owners have chosen The Caspian Fund, a nonprofit fund that prides itself on helping disabled pets live independent lives.

Miloh Gallery