Client Name: Valerie
Patient Name: Bentley
“Bentley is a super sweet boy who came to us with Elbow Dysplasia. With the help of Platelet Rich Plasma injections in both his elbows and his rehabilitation plan, he is moving great!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

I got Bentley when he was two from someone my mom knew who had cancer. Bentley goes almost everywhere with me. One of the most memorable trips was taking him to Mackinaw Island. Dogs are allowed in a lot of the shops, and he became almost part of the attractions with tourists taking his picture and videoing him eating ice cream.


Bentley needed rehab after falling off my parents’ bed and landing hard on his elbow. He was limping significantly and wasn’t improving with time. After x-rays showed he had arthritis already in both elbows and elbow dysplasia, my vet recommended VSMR.

Favorite Motivator

Love and food, especially Pupperonis!

How VSMR has helped

VSMR has been amazing helping Bentley recover and regain use of his elbows. Bentley loves running after tennis balls and I’m so happy to see him not just running after them but jumping for them like he did three years ago. His happy place is the basket of 20+ balls in the backyard.

“Bentley was a blast to work with! He is such a sweet boy and improved every day I saw him. I am so proud of his progress!”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

Bentley doesn’t have any titles but loves tennis balls. He’s fit five in his mouth, not quite the Guinness record. He has a board of buttons to communicate and tell me what he wants or needs. Since VSMR, the action buttons like “play” have gotten more use than they have in the previous year.

Non-Profit Organization

I would like to promote Morris Animal Foundation, specifically their Golden Retriever Lifetime Study which is focused on researching causes and risk factors for canine cancer and other diseases.