Client Name: Lloyd & Jan
Patient Name: Frankie
Brief History of Pet:

Frankie was rescued in Chicago, in terrible shape, and needing his left front leg amputated. Once he was well enough, he was sent to Wishbone Canine Rescue in Bloomington. We adopted him on July 4th, 2021.

Clark 1
“Frankie is a sweet boy who has faced many challenges and continues to face challenges but rises to meet them every day. He has been our patient for over a year, and he keeps moving forward with the love and support of his family.””
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2

When we adopted him, he loved to walk, but soon started having trouble walking. This is when we learned he had other medical issues that had to be addressed. At this point, after research, we determined that VSMR would be a good fit for Frankie.

How VSMR has helped Frankie:

When first starting his VSMR treatment, his walking improved dramatically. But, as his medical problems increased, his mobility declined. VSMR has met his needs at every stage.

“Frankie is a very special boy. He started his journey over a year ago and has become one of VSMR’s most memorable patients. Caring for Frankie is a team effort, and his family works hard to keep Frankie as comfortable and happy as possible.”
Carla Ortega

Additional Information

He now looks forward to his weekly “Spa Day” with his BFF, Carla, who has been with him
throughout his journey. We have come to rely on the entire VSMR family for their
knowledge, support, and the wonderful care they provide

Non-Profit Organization

The Caspian Fund