Client Name: Client Name: Jim & Colleen Immornino/The Ihrke Family
Patient Name: Chloe

Brief History of Pet

In 2018, our niece was fostering a French bulldog who was returned to a pet store where her son worked. Since she already had 2 very large Rhodesian Ridgebacks in her house, she sent us photos of Chloe and asked if we were interested in adopting her (or she was going to keep her!) We immediately fell in love with Chloe and arranged to pick her up in time for our daughter’s 24th birthday. Our daughter returned home from work and found Chloe hiding in her closet!

“Chloe came to us after a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed in her rear limbs. Despite her injury, her happy, effervescent personality never wavered! She instantly became a favorite at VSMR, and I fell in love with her! When the owners were struggling with her care, I knew she had to become part of the VSMR family and decided to adopt her. She has been a welcome addition to our home, and we look forward to many happy years!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke, Veterinarian


On Feb 21st, Chloe suffered an acute non-compressive nucleus pulpous extrusion that left her without use of her back legs. Chloe spent two days in the VCA Emergency hospital. The doctor recommended physical therapy and referred us to VSMRHG because they had an all-inclusive (acupuncture, laser, hydrotherapy and exercise PT) program for dogs with Chloe’s specific diagnosis.

Favorite Motivator

Love and a warm lap to cuddle in.

How VSMR has helped Chloe

With the help and expertise of Dr. Amber, Kat and the rest of the staff for over 2 months, Chloe has improved a great deal since her initial visit and will continue her rehab journey throughout the year. We cannot express how grateful we are to Dr. Amber and her entire staff for their care, treatment and love for Chloe. Although Chloe did not regain the use of her back legs, she became stronger in her front end and has adapted to using a cart very well. Throughout it all Chloe kept her feisty spirit and adorable loving nature.

“What can I say about Chloe, she is perfect! In the time I worked with her I got to find out what a wonderful little dog she is and fell in love with her spunky personality and fighting spirit. I feel so lucky that I now get to see Chloe everyday and am excited to see what the future holds!”
Katie Holich, Rehabilitation Technician

Additional Information

Chloe’s best buddy is our other pup, a Boston Terrier named “Luca”. He follows Chloe’s lead on everything. Chloe has trained him, by example, to be such a good dog that we often refer to Chloe as our own LITTLE YODA. She is the wise, little Jedi Master of our home and we know she WILL MASTER her new way of life!

Non-Profit Organization

At VSMR, we ask the owners of our Patient of the Month to choose a non-profit to be featured and donated to. Chloe’s owners have chosen The Caspian Fund prides itself on helping disabled pets live independent lives. The fund was started in honor of one of our first patients, Caspian. He can be seen hanging out in our logo, and although he is no longer with us, his spirit and his paw prints will live forever in our hearts. Every patient we help is in honor of him and his wonderful parents.

Chloe’s Gallery