Client Name: Cindy Parks
Patient Name:Teddy

Brief History of Pet:

I was able to meet Teddy at 5 weeks old and then went back to the breeder to pick him up at 9 weeks old. He is my fourth Old English Sheepdog. We did his first conformation dog show at 6 months old.

Clark 1
“Teddy has been my patient for five years and is the sweetest dog you would ever want to
meet. He came to us originally for a left rear limb injury, and we have been making sure he
has been able to run, play and travel since that time! Teddy is a great example of the
importance of maintaining mobility as a dog ages.”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2

Teddy first came to VSMR several years ago for a rear leg injury. Since he was an agility and lure coursing athlete, we continued visiting for treatments as needed for laser, massage and acupuncture. Feb of 2022 Teddy had Synovetin injections in his knees for arthritis. He had great relief with that for about 10 months. But he started having a different issue, dragging his front left foot, which Dr. Amber knew was neurological, so we went to a Neurologist and after a MRI, he was diagnosed with a few bulging disc’s in his neck at his shoulder.

Favorite Motivator

Teddy LOVES food, any type, and love… but mostly food.

How VSMR has helped Teddy:

After several weeks of rest and getting dry needling from Vet Tech Katie on his shoulder and neck muscles, he is walking much better. Now we will continue with rehab exercises to build back his core and rear leg strength. Thanks to the wonderful care over the years, and especially what he is going through now, he has the best chance of recovery and better mobility for his senior years.

“Teddy is one of my favorite patients and has been coming to see us for years. He is always happy to be here and willing to do anything that is asked of him. Especially is there are treats involved. I have been so lucky to help take care of Teddy over the years! “

Katie Neforos

Additional Information

He earned his AKC Championship along with many other titles in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing, Fast CAT, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, and Therapy Dog. We did all of these performance sports along with traveling in my motorhome all over the United States and Canada. We’ve had so many great adventures together and continue to do so. Teddy turned 12 years old this past January.

Non-Profit Organization

Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue