Client Name: Jody & Brad
Patient Name: Lexi

“Lexi came to us a senior citizen who was having some difficulty with her mobility.  We started with some gentle massage, therapeutic laser, acupuncture, and home exercise to help her move easier.  It’s been one year since her first treatment and at nearly 18 years old she continues to be independently mobile and looking good.”

Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

Lexi joined our family back in 2015 when she was 9 years old, and she became our Lexi Sue.


Lexi is currently 17.5 years old, and we noticed in the last couple of years that she started slowing down when she walked and was having difficulty getting comfortable because her back and hind legs were becoming weaker and arthritic. We looked into getting her acupuncture and laser therapy at VSMR. 

Favorite Motivator

Lexi enjoys a soft touch and lots of praise.

How VSMR has helped

We feel that VSMR treatments have helped Lexi extend her life, keep her walking, moving, and comfortable as she gets older. Over time Lexi has become more comfortable with her treatments as we think she knows they are helping her. Lexi is ‘The Rock’ and she is doing her best to live her best life.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lexi for the last year and she is such a sweet girl. At almost 18 she still has a lot of spunk and pep in her step. Her favorite part of the visits is to sit back and enjoy her massage.”

Kat Holich

Additional Information

Lexi has always been an independent little lady who loves here food, treats, napping, family, and her sister Milly. Lexi enjoys being outside roaming the yard and smelling all nature has to offer – lol.

When she was younger, she enjoyed walks around the neighborhood and later in life she loves her buggy rides! Some of her favorite times are taking road trips with her family and enjoying “Lakecations”. She enjoys boat rides and visiting the sites.

Non-Profit Organization

Lexi would like the donation to go to the University of Illinois Indigent Pet Fund.