Client Name: Jolene Butler
Patient Name: Honey Bear & Mushu

Brief History of Pet

Honey Bear was adopted from Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter on March 10th, 2012. My first pup had passed away two months previously, and I missed having company. She sat in my lap, looked up at me, and I knew I wasn’t leaving without her.

Mushu was found by a friend listed on Adoptable Performance Dogs on FB. I was chosen to be his new owner by his previous owner, provided that Honey accepted him. She did well with him, so he came home on November 11th, 2020, for a 48 hour trial period. He was officially ours on November 13th.

“Honey Bear has been my patient for two years and is definitely an independent spirit who lets me know what is on her mind with each visit. She had a past knee injury but loved to participate in sports, so with regular visits to VSMR, she has been able to continue the activities she loves.”

“Mushu is the definition of a lovebug! He loves everyone at VSMR and really enjoys his tummy rubs. Like his sister, Honey Bear, he is very active in canine sports, and with regular visits to VSMR, we are able to keep him in top shape for all his various training and competition.”

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Veterinarian


Honey Bear needs rehab because she has IVDD as well as having had a left CCL repair. I love that she is being closely monitored and that she feels well.

Mushu is currently having quarterly adjustments as recommended by Dr. Amber. I love that he is also being closely monitored as he is a purebred Dachshund, and I would like to avoid any type of back issues.

Dr. Amber and staff were highly recommended by Dr. Rosemary LoGuidice.

Favorite Motivator

Honey Bear and Mushu LOVE FOOD!

How VSMR has helped Honey Bear & Mushu

Honey is acting like her usual sassy self. Without her regular adjustments and close monitoring, I don’t believe she would be feeling so well.

Mushu comes in for moral support as well as treatment, and visiting the staff is fantastic for his soul.

“I love them! They are absolutely an odd couple, and we always look forward to their visits.”
Katie Neforos, Rehabilitation Technician

Non-Profit Organization

At VSMR, we ask the owners of our Patient of the Month to choose a non-profit to be featured and donated to. Honey Bear & Mushu’s owner has chosen the Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter, who works to change the lives of abused, unwanted, and abandoned animals in Homer Glen.

Additional Information

Honey Bear holds titles in the following:

  • Rally-O titles: ARCHX and RE
  • Nosework Titles: NNGCH, SNCH, EN, L1C, L1I, NW3x2, CW-SS, CW-ScR3A, CCSS-L1
  • Other: TKI and RATI

Mushu is currently practicing and competing in Nose work and competing in Fast Cat.

  • Nosework Titles: ORT, AN, SC, NHD, CW-SP, CW-ScR1
  • Fast Cat Title: BCAT