Client Name: Sharon
Patient Name: Penny
“Penny is a favorite here at VSMR.  She came to see me for the first time in 2018 when she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  Since then, Penny has been able to have a comfortable, active life with the help of rehabilitation.  She is an excellent example of the power of early intervention and a dedicated owner to make sure Penny is living her best life.”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2

We have had Penny since she was very little and came to VSMR as a young pup. She was not able to walk without a limp, go up and down stairs, and was very scared to be touched by her hips sue to the hip, dysplasia.

Favorite Motivator

Penny is very picky about what treats she will take on any given day but will gobble them up if the mood strikes her!

How VSMR has helped Penny:

Now at almost age 6 she is living her best life! She is always up and down the stairs, running in the yard jumping up on the bed and taking over the bed, going for walks and is not scared anymore when you pet her legs. This is all due to you guys! I was so scared when they told me she had hip dysplasia.

“What can I say about my Penny? We have been working together since she was about 9 months old, and I always look forward to her appointments. Penny has a unique personality and it makes her sessions interesting. It has been wonderful to see her improve and grow over the years.”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

You guys came up with a plan (without surgery) and she is a pain free, running, loving girl! We cannot thank you guys enough!

Non-Profit Organization

The Caspian Fund