Client Name: Rita
Patient Name: Mia
“Mia is one of our sweetest patients. She has been part of the VSMR family for nearly three years, and we’ve supported her journey with orthopedic and neurologic issues. No matter how she is feeling, she is always in a happy mood during her therapeutic treatments whether it be acupuncture, massage, or exercises. We plan on keeping Mia moving for years to come!””
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2
Brief History of Pet

When our boy Sonny crossed the rainbow bridge our girl Bella was very sad. We rescued her when she was 14 weeks. I remember her losing her first tooth, taking her first training class and learning how to swim for the first time. Mia’s nickname when she was younger was wild & crazy tornado.


Mia has hip dysplasia, recovered from FHO surgery, a herniated disk in her back, and an injury to her CCL. VSMR was recommended to me by my Aunt.

Favorite Motivator

Mia will work for any type of food.

How VSMR has helped Mia

VSMR has helped Mia get stronger and put on muscle to help with all her issues. It has also helped put a smile on her face and get her more confident.

“Mia has been my patient for almost a year, and I always look forward to her visits. She has had a lot of issues, both orthopedic and neurological, but has not let any of it get her down. She always comes in happy and ready to work, wanting to take on any challenge presented to her. Mia’s positive outlook and can-do attitude are what make her a rehab superstar!”
Kat Holich

Additional Information

Even with all her physical issues, Mia still likes to show her brother, Pig, who’s top dog around the house!

Non-Profit Organization

Recycled Rotts Inc