Client Name: Katherine Forster
Patient Name: Ginger

Brief History of Pet:

We got Ginger in March of 2019, a family decision to get a new pup. She is the Mastiff of the house and well we all know it.

“Ginger came to us with elbow dysplasia and elbow arthritis that was causing her to limp on her right front limb. She needed to take pain medication daily to manage her comfort and the arthritis was definitely contributing to a decrease in mobility.  She was determined to be a great candidate for Synovetin OA, which is a radioisotope injected into the joint that puts a stop to inflammation caused by arthritis. Since her injection, she is feeling much better, rarely takes any medication, and is nearly back to normal mobility.  VSMR is so excited to be able to offer state-of-the-art treatment to our patients.  Hooray Ginger!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke


Ginger was having issues limping on front leg and we started her on Rejensa and we were referred for surgery.  The recovery on large dogs and surgery is very difficult.  Mastiffs don’t have a long life span as it is and we wanted to do what was best for her and for her lifestyle.  We always joke that she has no idea she is 170 pounds she acts more like a lab.  We knew the surgery route would be a recovery that would not go with Ginger and how she lives her happy life. We wanted alternatives.  VSMRHG gave us that option and we are very grateful!

Favorite Motivator

Pupperoni & Belly rubs

How VSMR has helped Ginger:

Ginger is a crazy running puppy dog again!  No one would have any idea that she was barely able to walk in February.

“Sweet Ginger! always ready to work for treats, but I knew when work time was over because Ginger would lay on her back to let me know, it was belly rub time.”
Carla Ortega

Additional Information

Ginger is the mom of the house, she has to make sure everyone is home and she checks everyone’s rooms at night to make sure everyone is safe before she goes to bed herself.  She LOVES to play in the pool.  She loves people.  Her favorite person besides mom would be her human sister, who was sick shortly after we got Ginger and seems to have become her person.  She would sleep with her even as a puppy when she was sick and make sure she was ok.  

Non-Profit Organization

Rockin P Rescue it is in Jacksonville Alabama