Client Name: Joseph Minski
Patient Name: Nikki

Brief History of Pet:

Our Nikki was rescued by PAWS, Tinley Park She was born July 2007, we adopted her August 2011. She was adopted for companionship for our other dog, Jake because he lost his companion and was lonely. The match was perfect. They were great pals. 

Clark 1
“Nikki is one of our amazing senior patients. She came to us with arthritis and her owner wanted her to move a bit better.  We prescribed therapeutic laser, massage and hydrotherapy and Nikki is doing great.  At nearly 16 she is one of our oldest patients and continues to inspire us with every visit as she lives her best life.”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

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Nikki went for therapy several years ago at another facility and did well, but age is taking its toll, and she stopped using the stairs and jumping up into bed. I wanted her to go close to home and VSMRHG fit the situation.

Favorite Motivator

Liver treats and good scratch behind the ears

How VSMR has helped Nikki:

I’m happy to say She is up and down the stairs several times a day and back to jumping up onto the bed, thanks to the great care of everyone at VSMRHG her maintenance program has had POSITIVE results.

“I have been working with Nikki for since April of 2022 and she is the sweetest old lady there is! For almost 16 years old she is living the good life. Her dad dotes on her and is the reason she has had such a long full life. I look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring for her!”
Kat Holich

Additional Information

Nikki’s favorite time of day is breakfast, she enjoys toast with cheese and London Broil Beef and every other day an egg on top. Later in the day, her regular dog treats. We walk in the park weather permitting, and she enjoys car rides, especially to therapy. She also enjoys her recliner and sits and watches the people and traffic.

Non-Profit Organization

PAWS Tinley Park