Client Name: Diana
Patient Name: Paisley
“Paisley is such a sweetheart of a dog! She came to us about a year ago with some mild weakness in the rear limb secondary to arthritis. We started her on a plan that includes Acupuncture, Therapeutic laser, Underwater Treadmill, and massage. She is doing great and continues to have good mobility at nearly 14 years young!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

Paisley was a graduation present from my mom when I graduated law school in 2010. I got her as a puppy that summer, and she’s been ready and eager to join me in every adventure ever since.


Paisley is 13 and has arthritis from older age. We recently moved to the suburbs, and I wanted a place which could give Paisley science-based, true medical treatment to help her arthritis and hopefully give her continued strong mobility in her golden years. I loved VSMR’s combination of physical therapy exercises with laser, massage, and acupuncture.

Favorite Motivator

Hugs, head scratches and Mom

How VSMR has helped

Paisley’s gait and muscle tone has improved and she’s even doing things like trying to jump on the bed again. She is back to her perky and spunky self on walks, so much so that everyone is surprised to learn she’s 13 years old and not a 2-3 year old dog!

Paisley loves coming to VSMR, and we so appreciate everything you have done for her!

“Paisley is a very sweet girl who always comes in with a smile on her face, tail wagging. She is ready to show off her skills during exercise sessions but also loves a good massage. Paisley is a model patient for her acupuncture sessions and shows us that age is just a number!”
Kat Holich

Additional Information

Paisley is quite the traveler and has been to 16 states! She’s been as far west as Montana and as far east as Massachusetts. Her favorite travel memories include:
3.- Meeting huge pigs on a farm in Vermont and getting to try Vermont cheese
4.- Seeing the ocean and investigating all the fun new sea life on the beach in Massachusetts and getting to try lobster rolls for the first time
5.- Meeting buffalo, bulls, horses, baby donkeys and more in western South Dakota and jumping into clear mountain streams while hiking in the Black Hills
6.-Paisley is a great road tripper, and she has become a huge fan of staying in hotels and really leans into the joy of jumping on a huge hotel bed for the night!

Non-Profit Organization

Paisley is a bit of a hunter, especially in springtime, and while we do our best to keep her away from any nests, she has injured some bunnies and birds in her past. I have always taken those injured animals to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center and donated to them since they go to amazing efforts to save injured wildlife and get them back to their natural, wild settings. They’re such a fantastic local organization and do great things for this area!