Client Name: Lisa
Patient Name: Moses
“Moses came to us a year ago because he was slowing down and had some rear limb weakness.  We started a treatment plan that included therapeutic laser, massage, and exercise in the underwater treadmill.  One year later, he is stronger, has increased endurance, and loves going for his walks.  Senior patients can benefit greatly from rehabilitation to improve their mobility…great job Moses!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

Moses was born on May 28, 2012. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. We have always had Labs. When Moses was almost 1 years old, he fell thru the ice on a pond at our home and had to get rescued. Moses is CGC and Urban CGC certified. He is a Certified Therapy Dog with TDI (Therapy Dog International) and has been on multiple visits to Silver Cross Hospital, Manteno Veterans Home, Schools, Retirement Homes, even an Insurance Company at Holiday time. Moses is fully hunt trained for upland hunting with his dad. Moses has taken AKC Agility and while he is not fast, he enjoys it and has fun. It has also helped him with his PT.


Moses was losing strength in his rear legs and was having a hard time on walks. Even short walks were hard on him. Due to some medical issues for his mom, he was not getting walked or exercising as much which caused his weakness to get worse. Once mom was better, we focused on making Moses stronger too. We chose VSMR because of their reputation and have used them before with another Lab. I like all the different treatment options and the techs are all friendly and knowledgeable. Moses LOVES coming to PT, it’s his favorite part of the week. (The peanut butter doesn’t hurt).

Favorite Motivator

Love and food, especially peanut butter!

How VSMR has helped

Moses, strength and endurance has increased 10 fold! Where before he could barely walk around the block, he now can walk up to 2.5 miles and not have any issues or be sore for days. He has pep back in his step. His back leg does not drag anymore. He even got to go to the Morton Arboretum, where he walked for 2 hours and did great! That never would have been possible without his PT!

“I recently started working with Moses and he is the sweetest boy! He is always so happy to come see us and ready to relax for his treatment and massage. He is always the best dressed boy and even wore a tie when he graduated from his initial rehab program! I love to see Moses whenever he comes in.”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

Moses has 2 fur brothers. Julio, who is a 7 year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and Eli who is almost 7 mos. old and related to Moses. Moses’ full name is Hector Moses. Moses is a big boy, at one point his highest weight was 120 but Moses and his mom have worked really hard and have kept his weight to approx. 95 lbs.

Non-Profit Organization

While we support many animal organizations one that is close to my heart is called Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue based out of Nashville, TN. They deal with some pretty hard-core abuse cases with counties that do not have any sort of animal control. #JusticeforBennett

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