Client Name: Carol Proctor
Patient Name: Bart

Brief History of Pet:

Bart entered our lives in August of 2022. He is a rescue from Hinsdale Humane Society in Hinsdale IL. He was found on a back country road in Southern Illinois where he was apparently dumped. We had another dog Harry and had recently lost our other dog, Midnight. Harry was very lonely and looking for a pal. Bart and Harry got along well and became best buddies.

Clark 1
“Bart came to us with a cruciate injury of his left knee. After surgery, he started his rehabilitation plan and was excited to get to work! He did amazing with his recovery and is now back to his normal self. Great job, Bart!”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2

Bart tore his CCL this summer and underwent a TPLO surgery by Dr. Alex. He then underwent 8 weeks of rehabilitation therapy with his rehab technician, Katie, who he adores along with Dr. Amber. He was always a good boy at his rehab sessions and even seemed to enjoy the underwater treadmill therapy.

Favorite Motivator

Treats, hugs, and love (he will enthusiastically tell you if he is not getting enough of these)

How VSMR has helped Bart:

VSMR was recommended to us by a friend who is a vet tech and brings her own dog to rehab sessions. Bart’s recovery has been great and he quickly was able to increase the amount of weight and use on his injured leg because of the hard work put in by Katie and Dr. Amber. Our experience has been wonderful with the doctors, techs, and staff are very knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated individuals. Their love for their patients is apparent. Thank You! 

“Bart is a spunky little man who was a blast to work with. He was always excited about his sessions and did great! I’m glad we could get him ready for his big move to Arizona.”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

Bart loves to go for long walks so he is well known in our neighborhood. Bart has brought joy to so many of our friends lives, everyone loves him! He is a very happy boy who loves to give kisses.

Non-Profit Organization

Hinsdale Humane Society
21 Salt Creek Lane
Hinsdale, IL 60521