Client Name: Linda Speelman
Patient Name: PennyQuotes

Brief History of Pet:

We adopted Penny as a puppy from Wright Way Rescue in July 2017.

“Penny is by far one of the sweetest and most energetic patients I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When Penny first started her physical rehabilitation journey, we had set goals we were hoping to reach, and Penny surpassed them all. With the hard work and dedication from both her rehab team and her wonderful family, Penny was able to get back to doing things she enjoyed like going for walks and sneaking underneath the kitchen table.”
Carla Ortega


On January 2, 2022 Penny suddenly lost use of her hind legs. The vet suspected a type of painful back disk injury called IVDD. She was given pain meds and steroids and we were sent home. After countless hours of research and phone calls, we found a local vet who began laser therapy but did not offer rehab therapy. About a month after Penny’s injury, she was able to stand and “wobbly walk” with support and was ready for therapy to regain muscle and nerve function. We chose VSMR not only because of the range of therapies they offer, but also because Dr. Ihrke is not only a DVM, but also a board-certified canine rehabilitation specialist. The therapists are also certified and specialize in rehabilitation. They aren’t just people who “do therapy.” After my first call to VSMR and conversation with Jill, I felt a huge sense of relief. We’d finally found people who understood and could help Penny.

Favorite Motivator

Peanut Butter and Love

How VSMR has helped Ginger:

Our initial evaluation with Dr. Ihrke and Carla confirmed that this was the place for us. Although Penny is not a fan of water, Carla worked her peanut butter magic and made hydrotherapy sessions enjoyable! Penny always loved her massage and laser therapy sessions (which usually left Carla covered in Penny fur. 😂) We also appreciated the clearly defined therapy goals, the feedback at each session on what to watch for, directions for “therapy homework” and the way we could email questions between sessions.

Because of the help of the VSMR team, I am happy to say that Penny is walking again without any assistance. While she has graduated from therapy, we still work on strengthening exercises that Carla taught us. People who saw Penny six months ago are amazed at her progress and we are thrilled that we have our crazy, happy girl back. 

Additional Information

She is quite a social butterfly and loves pretty much everyone and everything except for squirrels, bunnies, and mail carriers. She is an ambassador of happiness and sunshine disguised as a hyper 40-pound Australian shepherd mix.

Non-Profit Organization

Wright Way Rescue