Client Name: Brianna
Patient Name: Miley
“Miley has been my patient for five years!  She first came to VSMR in 2018 after a cranial cruciate repair and has stayed with us to help her to stay active and happy during her senior years.  Miley is a great example of how regular rehabilitation therapy can help maintain mobility in the long term.”
Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

In 2011, I moved to Tennessee on a whim. I was working at a boarding and grooming facility. Miley belonged to a man who stayed on the property at the time, so I got to know her well. He eventually moved into an apartment that would not take her. Someone had already said they would take her, but when that man went to take her, she snapped at him. Even though her owner was a man at the time, she has always been more wary of men. I took her immediately and she has been my soul sister since.


Miley had surgery on her cruciate probably five years ago now. I was planning to take her to rehabilitation because I noticed she was slowing down and wanted to keep her moving as long as she wanted to. At her evaluation, Dr. Amber noticed there might be more going on. She ended up needing surgery and she started rehab as soon as she was able to after surgery.

VSMHG was recommended by my vet. Instantly it was a fit. You can tell the people there really care about the wellbeing of your dog and even though Miley is a little feisty, we were able to find Katie who was really able to bond with Miley and get the work done Miley needs. 

Favorite Motivator


How VSMR has helped

I don’t think Miley would still be moving as well as she does had she not gone to therapy. She is 15 now and she still runs from the back of the yard up to the house. She sometimes will forget her age and have a little puppy burst. Most importantly, she can still get herself around and keep spending time with us.

“Miley has a one-of-a-kind personality that has the grumpy old lady with the heart of gold down pat! We have been working together for five years and although she may not enjoy her sessions, and is not afraid to tell us, she is more than happy to enjoy all the treats. Miley’s sass is what has kept her going all these years!”
Katie Neforos

Additional Information

Miley loves to run, sunbathe, and be free. While I was in Tennessee, I lived in an apartment and we had to do our walks on a leash which she was fine with, but she loved to play ball. She would play over and over again. We moved back to Illinois in March 2012, and she has had her own yard to run in ever since. In Miley’s hay day she was the best ball player in the west. Always had a tennis ball with her and was always ready to play. That was how strangers could gain her affection at the time, throwing the ball for her. She has slowed down since then, but still gets in a throw or two now and then.

Non-Profit Organization

Naws Humane Society