Client Name: Carol & Lou Gaspardo
Patient Name: Guido

Brief History of Pet

Guido was adopted almost 6 years ago after the family’s other dog was taken by a coyote. He now plays in his yard protected by a 6-foot fence and spotlights. Guido’s family loves him very much and his mom has said many times what a good boy he is, and his loving and cuddly nature is one of her favorite things about him.


Guido had surgery for luxating patellas in both back legs. He never was able to recover as he needed CCL surgery 4 months later, He was unable to walk when starting his therapy but is now able to walk and get up on his own. His surgeon at VCA Aurora recommended us for his rehabilitation.

Favorite Motivator

Pupperonies and Love

“Guido is the most amazing little dog there is! After having surgery on both knees at the same time twice, he has come a long way! Guido has a long road to recovery, and he certainly isn’t interested in doing the work sometimes, but he never complains and is already ready for cuddles. He has had some ups and downs throughout his treatment plans, but overall has made huge progress from when he first started! Guido is a celebrity here, everyone loves him! When he’s walking through the halls, everyone stops to say hi to him! He brightens all of our days with his cute and cuddly face when he comes in for his exercises! Even with his stubbornness, Guido is perfect in every way!”

Michelle Adamski, rehab technician

How VSMR has helped Guido

Guido started at VSMR back in February following the second surgery on both his knees. He had a lot of difficulty using is rear legs because they were very stiff and painful. He could not really bend his knees at all. Over the course of the last few months Guido’s therapy team has been using several different modalities such as ultrasound, laser, and massage therapies as well as sessions in the underwater treadmill and land-based exercise to help strengthen his legs. Even though he can’t run a marathon, Guido is able to walk on his own more comfortably and enjoying his summer going for walks with his family and sunbathing in his backyard.

Additional Information

Guido will lay quietly all day for laser treatment as long as you are petting and cuddling him. He is incredibly happy just hanging with his therapist Michelle and getting relaxing massage sessions and love.

Non-Profit Organization

At VSMR, we ask the owners of our Patient of the Month to choose a non-profit to be featured and donated to. Guido’s owners have chosen PAWS of Tinley Park, a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to the protection of domestic animals and to the attempt to prevent animal cruelty in the surrounding communities.

“Guido is the most wonderful patient you can ask for! He is always happy to see everyone when he comes in and all the staff know him by name. Guido has had a great attitude and is a master at cuddling. He has made such great progress in his time working with us and even though he likes to do things his way sometimes has never given up. He makes us all very proud here at VSMR with his can-do attitude and loving heart!”
Kat Holich, rehab technician

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