Client Name: James Gorman
Patient Name: Clark

Brief History of Pet:

Clark was born on January 19, 2012 and he came into my life on March 10, 2012 from a very kind and wonderful licensed breeder in Crete, Illinois. I had grown up with miniature schnauzers and had always wanted a bigger dog of my own someday. After I bought my first house I settled in and about six months later decided it was time for me to finally get a dog. I had friends who had a boxer, and he was the friendliest, smartest, kind and loving dog I had ever met so I knew that was the breed I wanted in my life.

Clark 1
“Clark, or Big Tubs as I like to call him, Started his Physical Rehabilitation journey about 9 months ago. Clark was diagnosed with DM a progressive neurologic condition that affects motor and sensory function. Clarks therapy sessions consist of therapeutic laser, massage as well as hydrotherapy. My Favorite part about working with Clark is his fun-loving attitude and sweet disposition. No matter what Clark is always willing to do his work as long as there are treats and petting involved. Clark very quickly won the hearts of our VMSR team, and I personally look forward to seeing him every Thursday.”
Carla Ortega

Clark 2

Clark was diagnosed with Degenerative myelopathy. We do water exercises, laser therapy and acupuncture to help with the issues this horrible disease brings with it. I have had several family members bring their dogs to VSMR and rave about how amazing the staff, doctors and everyone involved is helping you with your specific situation and rehab so without a doubt I knew where I would be going when I needed to.

Favorite Motivator

Any and all food

“Clark came to us in January with some mild rear limb weakness.  He tested positive for degenerative neurologic disease, and we knew we had to get to work to maintain his strength for as long as possible!  He started laser therapy, hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill), massage, and acupuncture, and I’m happy to say he is still walking independently, has a great attitude, and LOVES peanut butter! “
Dr. Amber Ihrke

How VSMR has helped Clark:

I believe the program and meds that Clark is on now are helping him maintain in his everyday routines and will continue to keep him as healthy as can be.

Additional Information

I have so many amazing memories of Clark and not enough time or space to write them all down. One of the most important memories to me is who he became after my Dad passed away almost seven years ago. Immediately after he passed Clark and I moved back in with my Mom to help her in the time to come. I believe Clark was a big part of being her saving grace especially when I couldn’t be around. He always knew when she was sad, needed to be loved or needed a laugh. He rarely left her side for what would turn into two years and basically became her dog because that’s what she needed. To this very day if there is someone around him that is sad or needs a pick me up he goes right to them in order to try and help them if only for a short time. He has a sixth sense.

Clark has been through a lot. Three major surgeries for tumors. The first one was misdiagnosed as malignant, so he had an unnecessary surgery which left him with a massive scar and weeks of healing, the second was one found in between his toes on his paw and the third was in part of his jaw which ended up with him having a quarter of his upper jaw removed. He is the toughest dog I have ever met because none of these things phased him or ever changed his demeanor or level of happiness. He finds the happy in life.

I would also like to say how happy I am with VSMRHG, and everyone involved in this process. They actually care about you and your animal and are beyond friendly and welcoming each time we visit. I would like to give specific praise to Carla who has been Clark’s rehab partner almost since day one. She is always so happy to see him, and he is always happy to see her. If it wasn’t for everyone involved and how great they are with this situation would be a lot harder to deal with as it progresses so thank you all!

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