Client Name: Randy
Patient Name: Rasko

Brief History of Pet:

I adopted Rasko from Animal Welfare League in December of 2009 after watching a
Hallmark Channel movie, A Dog Named Christmas”. I will always be grateful for her
genuine friendship and loyalty she has given me over the years.

Clark 1

Rasko has the heart of a warrior. She first came to us for issues with osteoarthritis and has
had a few other medical issues since that first visit, but she never gives up! She continues to
face each day with enthusiasm and a zest for life. Rasko is the perfect definition of never
quit, we all love her fighting spirit, and she inspires all of us at VSMR.

Dr. Amber Ihrke

Clark 2

I had heard good things from Berwyn Animal Hospital about the VSMR facility and I wanted
to help Rasko get around better.

Favorite Motivator

Beef liver and her dad by her side during her visits.

How VSMR has helped Teddy:

Rasko was having a much easier time moving around but had a setback when she injured her
back and needed surgery. She is getting feeling and movement back in her rear legs. Her
mobility has been getting better and we are looking forward to enjoying life again during the
spring and summer.

Additional Information

Rasko was the faithful protector of the turtles, frogs and fish in our backyard pond when she
was younger. She has been my best friend and companion for the last 13 years, every day.

Non-Profit Organization
The Caspian Fund