Client Name: As Good as Gold Rescue
Patient Name: Asher

“Asher is the sweetest boy who came all the way from China! He had his left rear limb amputated and he came to us at VSMR to help get him stronger. During the course of his treatment, Asher improved his mobility, and he continues to increase his strength and endurance. Great Job Asher!”

Dr. Amber Ihrke

Brief History of Pet

Asher is a foster through As Good As Gold Golden Retriever of IL (AGAG). Asher was found in China by a good Samaritan. He was found tied up to a pole at a local garbage pile. He was there for over 30 days. The kind person who found him took him water and food every few days and called a rescue in China to see if they could help him. If he had not been rescued when he was, he most likely would have been found and sold to the meat trade in China. At
the time he was found, he already was missing his back leg. His leg most likely got caught in a trap or some other horrible tragic event. He came over from China in late December, being rescued off the streets of China was a big life event. Then traveling to the U.S. and into a foster family. Asher loves playing with and following around his foster brother, Griffin.


When he arrived, Asher was having trouble walking and would scoot around the house on his hind end. He also looked like he was going to fall down with every step he took. It was clear he needed some help to get stronger. That’s why AGAG sent him to see the team at VSMRHG.

Favorite Motivator

A soft lap to lay his head on and belly rubs

“Asher is the sweetest boy, and we are lucky to have crossed paths with him on his journey! He has been through quite a lot in his young life yet remains so gentle and trusting. It has been very heartwarming to see him make such great strides with his mobility, and we look forward to him finding his forever home!”

Dr. Brittany Ludwig

How VSMR has helped

Asher has made amazing progress in the three months since he came to the U.S. and started at VSMRHG. He now walks better and has a cart that AGAG bought for him. VSMRHG let Asher use a loaner cart that they had until his own could be ordered.

“I had the pleasure of working with Asher when he had only been in the US for a short time. He is a shy boy but always very sweet and once he gets to know you, he is a giant cuddle bug! Although he only has 3 legs it doesn’t  top him from enjoying his new life with his foster mom. Asher will make a wonderful addition for a very lucky family!”

Kat Holich

Additional Information

Asher was not a fan of the water treadmill, but the team worked with him to find ways to make him feel comfortable. He loved his massages and acupuncture. As Good as Gold had used VSMRHG in the past for another golden who had arrived from Turkey with severe hip dysplasia. They knew Asher could benefit from PT plus the home exercises that VSMRHG provides. The team at VSMRHG is so knowledgeable and caring, striving to give each patient the best quality of life possible.

Non-Profit Organization

Asher would like to give back to the rescue that has given him a wonderful chance at a new life:

As Good as Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of IL (AGAG)